“Hidden Gem” Marathons

New York City, Boston and London are well-known marathons, but with over 1,500 marathons worldwide, it is not only difficult to keep track of events but also very challenging to find those truly unique experiences.

Marathon events vary greatly when it comes to experience but through talks with fellow runners worldwide, we continously discover “hidden gems”. This section will include a weekly hidden gem; a marathon that is (still) unknown to most but a truly unique experience. Should you know of any “hidden gems”, please contact us at info@rateruns.com and tell us why that specific event should make the list. To kick off, we proudly present a very unique running event as our first “hidden gem:

Connemara International Marathon

The Connemara International Marathon is a day of road running around a very scenic part of the West of Ireland. Accoring to one finisher “It was a day from heaven – even if large parts of it did feel like hell”. Check the video below and visit the official site and you will know why this event deserves the tittle “hidden gem” of marathons.